7 tips for men blindsided by divorce

Published On March 30, 2017 | By Rocco Agwu | Law

Many men are blindsided when their woman comes out of nowhere and announces that she wants to go her own way. Here are 7 tips for men blindsided by divorce that will help you survive this divorce and go on to be happy with your newfound single status and future relationships.

Didn’t see it coming

When faced with a divorce, many men claim they never saw it coming. Everything was going great when she came out of the blue and said she was tired of it all. Yet, most men fail to realize that they’d had warning signs for months. This is going to be an emotional and financially draining time.

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Resist the urge to panic:

When you hear that your significant other needs to separate from you, it can be anything but difficult to lose your cool. Obviously, you will need to do your best to hush up about your feelings. On the off chance that you begin to shout and portable you will make the circumstance much harder to return from later on.

In the event that you have a feeling that you can’t control yourself, it is essential that you leave the region you are in until you can chill off.

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Good Friends

I’ve known men who, after a split, chose to surround themselves with men who tended to have negative and fatalistic attitudes. These men badmouth women in general and can even get on board to attack an ex. This may feel good for a little while, but in the long run, you’re better off leaning towards the friends who have a positive outlook on life and love.

Hang out with the man who has that innate ability to make you laugh. He’ll be able to make you see that life without your wife isn’t the end of the world.

Try not to Let Your Kids Suffer:

In case you have kids, nothing can be more upsetting to men sucker punched by separation than to see their kids dismal in light of the fact that their folks are getting isolated. Obviously, we don’t trust you ought to remain with your significant other essentially due to your kids.

Ensure that you utilize your opportunity to enlighten your children concerning your circumstance in a positive light. It is imperative that they comprehend what is going on (age properly), so they don’t build up their own particular thoughts.

 Stay Busy

It may be tempting to seclude yourself and shut out the world. You want to lock up in your bedroom and never seen anyone again. A few days of isolation can be what you need in order to get your emotions in order, but you don’t want to draw this out for weeks on end.

Get out, have fun, meet up with friends and reconnect with the hobbies and activities you may have set aside as you worked on your marriage.

For the most part, we all have a small part of our life that we set aside when we marry. This is the time to find yourself and discover what really makes you happy.

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Dating Again

No one can really tell you when you should go out with another woman. The amount of pain you feel could be enough to make a date with a man something very uncomfortable and awkward. Give yourself plenty of time and don’t feel you have to be with a man in order to be happy.

Spend time with yourself before jumping into a relationship. Once you truly feel ready, you’ll be better equipped to explore the possibility of a new romance and you’ll realize you’ve survived a divorce.

Be Wary Of Advice:

Not all guidance is a word of wisdom. When you conclude that you will discuss your circumstance, ensure that you take all of the insight with a grain of salt. While this may sound somewhat cruel, you need to recollect that everybody’s circumstance is totally extraordinary.

For men bushwhacked by separation in the event that you require guidance that can be more useful, we prescribe addressing an advocate or another person prepared to help you manage a comparative circumstance.

There is no magic wand to get through a break-up. Utilize the tips above and figure out what else works for you. You can’t change or control someone else’s behavior but you can change your own thoughts, feelings, demeanor and actions to work on what you are looking for. You will figure out your new normal and it will be worth it.

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