All about Legal billing software – A Comprehensive Guide

Published On August 20, 2018 | By Rocco Agwu | Legal Tips

In today’s businesses main focus will be on cutting the costs along with operating at highest efficiency. Majority of the businesses think prefer outsourcing and they think it is the most viable solution. For this, law firms are not an exception and they also started preferring outsourcing these days.

Most of the law firms even started outsourcing their complete billing functions to the legal cost consultants. This is an effort towards cutting the costs and meantime gaining access to expertise and knowledge which these consultants offer. This is even good solution when it comes to small law firms. They always have the problem of lack of resources and manpower. So, solution like legal billing software can help them to enjoy enough resources.

Earlier, legal professionals were had no choice. So, they were drafting their own bill of cost. Later they started using spreadsheet, filling, and paperwork. It was really time consuming job for law firm when it comes to both taxation and preparation of bills. Meantime this work was even tedious. But technological developments like billing software for legal resources have helped them in simplifying their job.

Billing software for legal resources:

When we consider legal profession, two significant jobs are capturing and monitoring billable hours. But lawyers usually struggle to capture billable hours and produce invoices since they don’t get enough time. This is the reason billing software for legal resources are designed and t solves their problems. Some of the benefits of are

  • The software helps in creating the contact lists and client lists. This helps in keeping track of the time which is spent on individual tasks and clients and that helps in generating the respective bills.
  • One more advantage of this software it provides online access which is secured. This is the reason it is possible to update the records from anywhere and from any system with internet connection
  • It is easy to use and hence user friendly. It demands very limited training to utilize it
  • It is possible to retrieve the data instantly. Earlier people were following paper work filing. But in many cases it was leading to information lost and misplace of the documents. But through billing software for legal resources it is possible to find solution for all these issues. Since records are maintained electronically, client information is always safe and can be accesses instantly. They also come with search capabilities which make the accessibility faster through the use of keywords.
  • This software also offers password protection. This provides highest safety for financial and personal details. In case if the data is lost or corrupted there will always be a backup to rely upon

Along with these, it is very easy to bill multiple clients though legal billing software. If the client base increases, the old methods like office packages and spreadsheet are not feasible. Billing software for legal resources is the best solution for this. It makes it easier to maintain bills and financial details by generating them just by click of a button.

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