Are You Facing a Traffic Violation or DUI?

Published On June 9, 2017 | By Rocco Agwu | Attorney

Just because you made a not-so-great decision doesn’t mean that makes you a bad person. The right lawyers will carefully listen to your story, we will do everything that can be done to help you with whatever your case may be.

DUI Lawyers in Rockville ensure there’s nothing overlooked. Your file will be looked at by our group of attorneys and collaborated upon to brainstorm with the best possible strategy for your case. The best lawyers will make certain to take your case as far as it needs to go to avoid a DUI conviction.

When it comes to traffic violations, your lawyer should be just as diligent. Going at it alone could end up costing you much more than hiring those knowledgeable in traffic law. Think about it, you could lose your license, you could end up with points on your driving record, and your insurance rates can become costlier, and your insurance company may even drop you.

Always remember to ask for a written fee agreement. We want you to understand what is covered and any other costs and expenses you might have to pay.

And exactly how long do speeding tickets tend to stay on your driving record?

The cost of tickets and the amount of time they stay on your driving record varies on the traffic law from state to state. What kind of traffic tickets are there? First, there are moving violations which include, speeding tickets, or traffic signal violations. Then there are minor violations such as driving with an expired inspection sticker, a seatbelt violation, or texting while driving.

Moving violations will typically affect your insurance rates the most. That’s not the only thing considered by your insurance company. They also find your level of driving experience. Experienced drivers’ rates are impacted much less than for inexperienced drivers.

Now the bad news. In Maryland, points stay on your record for three years. According to Maryland traffic law, they will only be removed if you maintain a clean driving record for the following three years.

Can I Get My Ticket Dismissed?

Depending on your situation, the short answer is yes. One of the worst things you can do is just mail in a check and pay your ticket. It’s the same as pleading guilty. If for any reason you do you will still end up with the violation on your record, points and increased insurance rates. You should hire an attorney who knows traffic law.

At the end of the day, when you hire a lawyer who knows traffic law and has handled many cases, your fee will often be less than your ticket. The violation can often be kept off your record. And in some cases, warrants can be lifted immediately.

What do I do if this is my first DUI? What Can Happen to Me?

When it comes to DUI’s our first piece of advice is to drive sober. You should always take advantage of taxis or share riding services. In today’s environment, there typically is no real reason to drive while intoxicated.

That said, when it comes to first-time DUI’s, there are four penalties. There are fines, sheriff work or jail, DUI school, and probation. The fines in Maryland are steep. For a first-time DUI, you are looking at a fine of up to $1,000 and up to one year in jail. Twelve points will be assessed to your driving record, and your license may be revoked for six months. Double that for a second offense and add in a mandatory five days in jail.

Therefore, it is essential to seek out attorneys who have experience in DUI litigation. Always make sure you understand the attorney fees and billing rates. Check references and online reviews. Look for excellent DUI legal experts and ask for a today for a free consultation and you should always be provided with the best type of written fee agreement.

Can Video Help or Hurt My DUI Defense?

In some cases, there may be video from the squad car that can be used as evidence in your DUI arrest. Squad car video can reveal many things which can either help or hurt your defense. Remember not all patrol cars are equipped with video, but many police departments have video in their booking rooms which are usually closed caption video.

Video can have a dramatic effect on the ability of a Prosecutor to prosecute a case, or a Defense Attorney to defend the case. But more important, a Judge or Jury to see what happened.

Another advantage of the video is the metadata included in the video file. This can include location and speed when the driver was pulled over. That could make a significant change in your defense.

3 DUI Arrest Myths

If I put a coin in my mouth before taking a breath test, will it mess up the breathalyzer? No, it will not. Besides police officers are trained to look in your mouth before administering the test.

Will I be asked to say the ABC’s in reverse? No, you will not. You may be invited to speak it forward without signing it, just saying it.

If when taking the breathalyzer, and I register below the legal limit, I will automatically be released, and my case dismissed, right? Wrong again. The police can request a urine test or simply arrest you anyway, and you will still have to raise a defense.

Whether it’s a traffic law violation or a DUI ticket you want to fight. Bours & Lucero LLC has the experience and expertise to best fight for you in your case.

If you’ve been charged with any traffic violations, a DUI, are seeking to restore all of your driving privileges fully, or need assistance with parking tickets and attachments, we are here to help.

Give the lawyers at Bours and Lucero a call at (301) 340-7600. Let their law office save you time by gathering the information for you so they can review your case and present you with your best options.

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