Avoiding Jail Time for DUI

Published On January 26, 2017 | By Rocco Agwu | Law

Sometimes the best way to get out of a DUI is as easy as not getting drunk and driving, but people do make mistakes. If you have been charged with an underage DUI or a 2nd DUI (or more), you will need the help of an attorney that specializes in this field. This will let you know all about what charges you can expect if you get a DUI in Texas and how a knowledgeable attorney is going to be able to assist you. Knowledge can make a huge difference in how successful you case is going to be.

One of the first things that will be discussed is the consequences of an underage DUI. The fact is that if your child is under the age of 21, they should not have any alcohol in their system. If they have been drinking and they get pulled over, they will get charged with a DUI even if they do not have a BAC of 0.8. This can be an incredibly terrifying experience for you and your child. There is a zero tolerance policy when a minor is caught with alcohol in their system, leading to penalties like fines, probation, license suspensions, jail time, and attendance of alcohol abuse classes. These will have lasting consequences on your child’s record, so make sure you get a reputable attorney to help protect the future of your child.

Another big problem is if you are a multiple offender of getting DUIs. Even getting one DUI can lead to some pretty negative consequences and it only gets worse as you get more DUIs, even the risk of losing your license forever. Some penalties that you can expect include attending a Victim Impact Panel, more costly fines, a maximum of a year in jail, community service, and requiring you to attend a DWI education class. If you have a 3rd offense, you could face fines up to $10,000, lose your license for 2 years, community service, attending a Victim Impact Panel and a DWI education class, a maximum of 10 years in jail and felony charges. As you can see, the consequences get more severe as you continue to repeat the offense. These are both very scary scenarios for you to face all on your own.

If either of these scenarios applies to you, you will need a qualified lawyer that can help you get the best case scenario out of your hearing. A reputable attorney is going to be more likely to reduce or even eliminate the charges that you are facing. These are charges that can really have a huge impact on the rest of your life, especially if you are a minor. It is ideal to minimize the effects of these consequences so that you can get back to living a normal life. You should avoid getting into these problems to begin with but if you do find yourself in trouble, getting a lawyer with knowledge and experience is going to be very beneficial to you.

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