Everything You Need To Know About Personal Injury Law

Published On December 8, 2017 | By Rocco Agwu | Personal Injury

Workstations are supposed to be conducive for people to go about their employment duties but that is not always the case. Accidents do happen at work and they may cause injuries and physical harm to the workers. The accidents may be as a result of carelessness by the workers as they perform their tasks or a failure by the employers to ensure that their workspaces are safe and conducive for the workers but either way, the employers are legally liable for the injuries or harm suffered by the workers. The injured workers are due compensation for the injuries suffered and they can sue for the same if they feel that the employer and the worker’s compensation carrier are reluctant to help them with this issue. This article looks at the basics of personal injury law and how injured workers can pursue such cases.

  1. A formal lawsuit.

Injured workers can pursue compensation for their injuries through formal proceedings in a court of law. In such proceedings, the worker has to prove that their injuries suffered occurred within the company’s premises or on company time. He or she also has to prove that the employer had a duty to ensure that the working environment is safe for the workers and the employer failed to do so in one way or another. Injured workers cannot do this on their own and they should get personal injury lawyers to help them with their claim. Such lawyers understand the rights of workers in the office and they will help them get the best settlement from the case.

  1. Out of court settlements.

The injured worker, the employer, and the worker’s compensation carrier may opt for an out of court settlement for the worker’s compensation claim. In such proceedings, the injured worker will be offered a sum as compensation for the injuries suffered at work. The worker then agrees not to pursue the issue further in a court of law. Employers and the worker’s compensation carrier’s representatives prefer this option of settlement as there is no neutral party to determine the amount to be issued as compensation and as such, they can intimidate the workers to accept way less then they deserve for their injuries. They know that once a worker signs off on the compensation, they cannot pursue the case further or ask for more money. Injured workers are, therefore, advised to get the best personal injury lawyers should they opt for out of court settlements for their injuries. A good lawyer will not allow you to accept less than you deserve for your injuries and they will even file a case in court if the employer and their lawyers prove difficult to negotiate with.


Employers are tasked with ensuring that their offices and workstations are safe for the employees to go about their duties. They are also responsible for the injuries suffered by the workers on company premises and the employees should hire competent lawyers to help them with their claims.

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