Keys to effectual communication

Published On April 1, 2016 | By Rocco Agwu | Law

From my own perspective, communication is nothing but the means by which two or more individuals exchange information, suggestions/opinions, and ideas via speaking, writing, signs or any other form of communicating. It can also been seen as the interaction between two or more individuals through a medium.

In the field of every profession, high-quality communication skills are important to a fruitful and satisfying practice. As a law practitioner, you need to efficiently communicate with your clients, staff, associates, partners, vendors and other legal practitioners. Refining your communication skills will aid you to confidently express yourself; expressing yourself confidently will assist you in attracting more clients and also influencing your peers and as well your referral sources.

The essence of mastering good communication is for your practice to be more enjoyable to you, because communicating very well with people will cause your clients to solely trust and like you. The moment your clients trust and like you, they will be paying your bills – your practice will turn into a more profitable one. I have listed below, some keys to effective communication required by lawyers.

Keys to effectual communication

  • The use of verbal communication

You should not always be dependent on communicating via emails and text messaging, because some issues or cases are best dealt with via verbal communication. Bad news is best delivered via verbal communication; in the event where the receiver of the news is not around, a phone call will be okay than sending text messages. Another benefit of verbal communication is that most negotiations are usually successful than written communication, and that gives your clients the opportunity of liking you and also referral prospective customers to your practice.

  • Being a good listener

Another key to effective communication is having the ability of listening more to people when they talk to you. For effective legal communication, the legal practitioner has to possess good listening skills. You will need to shine your listening skills if you want to get along with your clients and others, and also for them to experience the effectiveness in your practices. If you are a criminal defence lawyer, you will need to listen to your client(s) with all attention; this will make them trust you more and reveal some things to you, I mean things that will help in their cases.

  • Openness

To be a good legal communicator, you will need to stop making assumptions. Assumptions are good but should be set aside when carrying out your duty as a lawyer. Always be open and ask questions if you don’t have a good grasp of the problem that is being stated. Being open also means trying to understand the problem in different ways, and creatively considering diverse ideas, options and strategies.

good legal communicator

  • Always be curious

The last key in my list is trying to be curious and the truth is that, we convey our interests whenever we ask questions. The essence of a criminal defence lawyer being curious is to ask his or her client(s) questions and also have clear understanding of the problem at hand.

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