Sourcing a Divorce Lawyer – What to Look For

Published On October 19, 2016 | By Rocco Agwu | Divorce

It suffices to say that going through a divorce or any kind of separation is difficult enough, but it proves extremely advantageous to focus on finding yourself a good divorce lawyer to help you with the divorce process. If you’re currently in the process of separating from your spouse, the following tips on how to source a good divorce lawyer are for you. Moreover, while there are many additional points to bear in mind, after all, there’s so much involved in separating from one’s spouse, the points that follow are a good place to start.

Focus on the Task at Hand

It can be difficult staying focused when going through a divorce, even one that’s quite amicable by modern standards, but stay focused you must if you’re to source a good divorce lawyer to oversee the process and look after your best interests.

Understand the Lawyer Is Not Your Friend

This is a very important point to bear in mind, one you need to be aware of right from the start. Many people who go through a divorce are hurting and are looking for someone to listen to their story, and perhaps even share in their pain, consolidating them and telling them everything is going to be ok. If that’s what you need, call a friend, as that isn’t the role of a divorce lawyer.

The role of a good divorce lawyer, like the experienced lawyers at, is to look after your best interests and ensure you get what you deserve from the settlement, including custody of your children. However, while a good divorce is sympathetic to their clients’ situations, they’re not trained as a therapist or a psychiatrist, so try to focus on the legal matters at hand right from the start, i.e. the moment you start looking for a legal professional to represent you.


Make Sure Litigation is What is Required

The traditional litigation route is often the best one to take, but you need to understand that there are other options available to you both if you don’t have a complicated financial relationship and there aren’t going to be any arguments over custody of the children (if you have kids). These options include:

  • Mediation – The cheapest and easiest way to call it quits, if you opt for mediation you may not even need to hire a legal professional to represent you at all
  • Collaborative divorce – This is a popular option these days, and while you still need to be represented by an experienced divorce lawyer, you don’t need to go to court

You’ll most likely find that you need legal representation, but if you can avoid going to court, make the most of the opportunity. Divorce proceedings that play out in court are expensive and may even complicate the situation further.

Having a good divorce lawyer in your corner is essential if you’re to ensure your best interests are being taken care of. Don’t forget that divorce is an emotional process as well as a legal process, so look to family and friends for support and your divorce lawyer for legal counsel and guidance.

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