Top Careers in Law for Non-Lawyers

Published On December 21, 2017 | By Rocco Agwu | Law

When people think of careers in law, they think only of lawyers.However, the truth is that there are many legal career opportunities for people without a legal education. The legal industry is growing, and there’s a lot of demand for talented legal professionals due to the increase in caseloads, advances in technology, new legislation and regulations, and economic growth. Below are some career opportunities in the legal field.

Legal Nurse Consultant

Nurses who want to expand their opportunities outside traditional clinical roles can use their knowledge and skills by offering legal nurse consulting. A nurse can advise to a sole practitioner about medical issues of the law. Some legal nurse consultants even earn more than the average lawyer salary because they provide specialised knowledge.


Paralegals or legal assistants are one of the fastest growing professions today because many lawyers need to delegate some of their tasks because they can’t handle all their caseloads. Paralegals are in demand as clients try to reduce the costs of legal services. Legal entrepreneurs are offering paralegal services, and they operate with professional autonomy.


As litigation costs continue to increase each year, corporations and individuals turn to mediators to settle legal disputes outside the courtroom. They are also knownas conciliators or arbitrators. The number of mediators keeps on growing as people and companies turn to alternative dispute methods.

Legal Secretary

As more people set up their legal practice, the demand for legal secretaries increases as well.They are also known as administrative assistants in corporate legal departments and law firms. As technology improves, legal secretaries assume more responsibilities in the legal practice.

Court Reporter

Court reporters record statements, legal proceedings, speeches, and court testimonies to come up with a verbatim transcript of the spoken words. They use special equipment that allows them to transcribe at more than 200 words a minute. They also perform real-time reporting and broadcast captioning for webcasts. There’s a shortage of court reporters, and that’s why they have better than average salaries. Some court reporters even earn more than the average lawyer salary and receive solicitor benefits as well.

Litigation Support Professional

As legal processes become automated, it created a new type of profession in the legal field. Litigation support professional has the knowledge of paralegals and the technical expertise of IT professionals.

Trial Consultant

Another new profession that evolved due to the advancement of technology is the trial consultant. One uses legal technology to help the jury understand concepts that are complex. They also assist attorneys toconvey important themes leveraging their knowledge of sociology, psychology, and law.

These are the careers in law available for non-lawyers. It doesn’t mean that lawyers are no longer needed. They work hand-in-hand to help their clients with their legal woes. Lawyers who want a more independent environment should consider joining PassionforLaw, which is a platform that helps lawyers every step of the way. It allows the sole practitioner to enjoy the benefits of working in a traditional law firm.

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