Why it is important to Secure the Accident Site

Published On December 21, 2018 | By Rocco Agwu | Personal Injury

To avoid consequential accidents, securing the accident site has the highest priority. Notify other road commuters to the scene of the accident by switching on the hazard warning lights and erecting a warning triangle. In urban areas, a distance of 50 meters is appropriate. On country roads are recommended about 100 meters and on highways about 150 to 400 meters.

Even in confusing places, set up the warning triangle so that it becomes clearly visible. The triangle should always be at the edge of the road or at the edge of the streak. If you don’t secure the accident site and therefore follow-up accidents, you may face a warning. If people get hurt, they owe their negligent assault.

All accident participants should wear a safety vest for their own well-being. Because so they fall on the subsequent traffic better.

In the Case of Accidents Involving Personal Injury: Provide First Aid

Even in the case of seemingly harmless accidents, you should clarify whether people have been injured. If so, you need to provide first aid. This is legally required in most countries. Failed assistance counts as a crime and can lead to a fine and even imprisonment. Do not worry; first responders do not have to worry about being held culpable for any mistakes or resultant damages.

First aid already counts to inform the emergency call (911). It is also necessary to execute first-aid measures independently.

When Must the Police be Notified?

If there are injured people in a car accident or very high property damage, you must inform the police. By the way, even if;

  • The driver who caused the accident runs away.
  • The driver at fault gives the impression of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • The accident parties cannot agree.
  • A foreign vehicle cannot provide proof of insurance.
  • You caused an accident in a rental car.

When you park out a damaged vehicle and the owner is not found. Attention: Do not notify the police in this case, commit driver evasion.

The situation is different for more harmless accidents, so-called minor accidents. It is not absolutely necessary to notify the police. The resulting property damage is usually just scratches or scratches in the car plate. The police aren’t obliged to investigate the damage in such cases. Therefore, it is even more important that you document the damage independently. Only then can you later claim for damages from the insurance company.

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