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Published On June 11, 2017 | By Rocco Agwu | Legal Tips

While no one likes to talk about death, we do take out insurances to protect our estate in the event of our sudden death, and without writing a will, you are effectively taking a big chance that your estate will be distributed according to your wishes. In actual fact, a deceased person who has not written a last will and testament has little choice but to be governed by an ancient set of British laws that are very rigid, and without leaving specific instructions, it is likely that your family and friends will not receive what you would like them to.

Online Legal Experts

If you see the sense in writing a will, the next step is relatively simple. If you are based in the UK, for example, and are looking for a will writing company in Derbyshire, an online search would put you in contact with a professional legal practice who can send an expert to your home for a free, no obligation discussion on will writing, and should you decide to go ahead, they can ensure that the written document is clear and in line with the legal guidelines set out for such an important document. This could not be more convenient, and their expertise will ensure that the will is legally binding, as you will have fulfilled all the legal requirements, which include nominating an appointed will executor, who would be a trusted person that has agreed to take on the role in the event of your passing.

Professional Advice

Writing a will is not as straightforward as you might expect, and the legal language can be complex and difficult for the average person to understand, which is why it makes sense to discuss your unique needs with a legal expert. In former times, you might be forgiven for feeling reluctant to even talk to a probate solicitor, for fear of racking up a huge legal bill, yet modern will writers are prepared to give you a free initial consultation and you will only incur costs if you go ahead with the will.

Reduce the Risk of Family Conflicts

Many people tell their immediate family members of their wishes, in the event they pass away, yet this is not always how the estate ends up being distributed, and if there is no will, the strict laws would come into effect, and there is little anyone can do to change that. One family member might be expecting a specific item or amount of money, as it was promised to them when the deceased was alive, yet sometimes things are forgotten, and perhaps the main beneficiary does not wish for that person to receive what they were promised, and by writing a legally binding last will and testament, you can be sure that your wishes are carried out to the letter.

Your valuable estate administration is not something to be left to the courts to decide, which is why it makes sense to make your own provisions and clearly state who gets what, and with your appointed executor in control, you can rest assured that your last wishes will be carried out.

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